Please Consider Giving a Wonderful Endeavor
for the Newaygo County Compassion Home
We are a small group of dedicated nurses and community members in an effort to establish a home for the dying in Newaygo County. The group chose a name that would reflect the mission of the organization and the Newaygo County Compassion Home for the Terminally Ill was founded. The “Compassion Home” vision is to establish a home that will provide a FREE safe, supportive, loving environment for persons ...suffering in the end stages of terminal illness. The central mission of the organization is simple, yet meaningful and profound. The mission of the “Compassion Home’ is to provide FREE, compassionate, loving support to the terminally ill in a peaceful, comfortable home setting while caring for the physical, spiritual and emotional needs of our guests and their families.

The “Compassion Home” progress has been steady. In October of 2015 the “Compassion Home” was granted nonprofit 501(c) 3 status by the Internal Revenue Service. Members of the group have been actively seeking additional board members and presenting the “Compassion Home” vision and mission to groups within Newaygo County. We are currently working with The Johnson Center for philanthropies from Grand Valley State University to develop a sustainable business plan that will ensure that the “Compassion Home” will be able to serve Newaygo County for years to come. Additional support is being provided by a national organization called the Social Hospice Network. Our desire for the community will be to have a 3-5 bed home, much like a Ronald McDonald type home, but for the terminally ill in our community that need additional support or simply have no one to help care for them. Part of our philanthropy, will be to educate the community members interested in volunteering at the home, as this will ultimately be the "communities home". Why? Because the end of life is part of living


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